Best Android Web Browsers 2018

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Web browsers can be regarded as one of the best pieces of software. However, not all browsers provide you seamless experience when it comes to browsing the web. Here are some of the best web browsers for Android 2018 we have complied especially for you. Also check out, best free movie apps for Android

Best Web Browsers For Android 2018

Dolphin has received several awards in the past for its effective functionality as well as for its unobtrusive interface. It is a free browser available for both iOS and android. Impressive set of features such as adblocking, tabbed browsing, incognito mode, multiple tabs are included in this browser. Add-ons and features like dolphin sonar (wherein a user can use their voice to search for their necessities) are also included in the browser, which makes it as one of the best choices to install.

Similar to the desktop version, Firefox is one of the best browsers available for android phones. HTML5 support, private mode, clearing all browsing data as soon as our search session ends, Firefox sync, video and web content viewing facilities are some of the impressive list of features that this browser has. Quick sharing of links for Skype, Facebook etc. make it as one of the to-go web browsers.

Everyone knows well about chrome. Developed by Google, Chrome remains undoubtedly as the number one browser for all the android users. It is usually pre-installed on all the android devices. Built-in Google translate feature, desktop syncing, news article display, HTML5 support make the entire browsing experience delightful. It is regarded as one of the trustworthy browsers available in the Play store. Though many web browsers are offered in the Play store, Google Chrome remains as everyone’s favourite.

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Flynx by Infiken labs has certainly developed much since its inception. This browser works uniquely in a floating window, contrary to the full-screen mode that most browsers provide. The quick browsing option found in this browser ensures that your web search is completed within a fraction of few seconds. This app doesn’t disturb the other apps that are running in the background. This browser is also aided with other features such as the night mode, which is entirely different from the other Android browsers space

Brave is an open source and entirely free browser which was introduced in 2016. It is a secure android browser that is known to effectively track all the ad blockers and other tracking agents. It also removes the online spamming advertisements entirely, thus guaranteeing the privacy of the user. The app also reduces the draining data consumption, blocks all the third-party cookies while retaining all the other essential features like the bookmarks, history, private and new tabs etc. It works in a secure HTTPS experience, which will ensure that the user never gets spammed or deceived by unwanted websites.

Of course, everyone would have heard of, used and experienced Opera Mini. It is a light weight browser known for its lesser data consumption. It lets you download videos from many social media platforms without consuming your data. It is one of the light weight, free and essentially secure browser that is available for free. Data tracker, live news provision, speed dial, night mode, secure connection, cloud acceleration, data reduction and constant updating are some of the essential features that are noticed in Opera Mini.

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It is a feature rich mobile browser that is predominantly found in the Android space while it is also developed for other operating platforms like iOS, Symbian, Blackberry OS and Windows Phone. It uses both data compression and cloud acceleration technology to prevent unwanted data losses. Moreover, the cloud syncing app along with the small window mode and ad blocking functionality make it as one of the best browsers to go for. Smooth user experience combined with an intuitive interface makes it an excellent browser that is fit and handy for our usage.

CM browser developed by the developers of Clean Master is one of the widely known and widely appreciated browsers available for android platforms. The app allows you to automatically download all the contents if you suddenly turn to an offline mode. Also, other essential features include speed dial, night mode, incognito browsing, lesser data consumption, more user enhanced experience. It also automatically deletes all the data once you had closed your web browser, which means you can safely browse anything without compromising your privacy.

Puffin is another of the well-known names in the android space when it comes to browsers. Virtual trackpad, gamepad, cloud support, different colour themes, separate toolbar and sidebar are some of the extra features noticed in Puffin other than the standard ones.

Web browsers serve as your window to gain external knowledge. It also serves as the platform for most of your internet-based transactions. So, we request you to choose your browser wisely using the list provided here. Keep visiting Android Apps Shop for more such posts!

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