Best TV Streaming Apps For Android 2018

TV Streaming Apps For Android

Android is a great platform that offers everything to users. You will get any apps from it for games, entertainment, education list will go like that. It is very useful to download apps to watch TV or free movies apps. The main advantage is that you can take it anywhere you go and watch your favorite TV shows. Google play store is a big treasure of such apps than any other platform. Some of them are free to use and some others are paid apps. We don’t get enough time to sit and watch shows on TV. These TV Streaming Apps For Android let us watch it when we get time. Here are some useful apps you can try out to get unlimited entertainment.

Best TV Streaming Apps for Android 2018

Kodi is a popular app for Android users to watch live TV, music, podcasts and videos. It is a free open-source platform for Android. With an uninterrupted internet service watch your favorite TV shows on your mobile device. It comes with a better user interface that enables any users to operate the app. You need to install another plugin to watch contents from this app. It is very simple, and you don’t have to miss a single episode if you can get this app.

This is also an excellent app with more than 2 million users. You can watch movies and TV shows for free with this app. No need to worry about the advertisement. It won’t interfere with your video as cables TVs does. You can watch movies, TV shows, anime series etc without registering your credit cards. The app is compatible with Chromecast so connect with you Tv and watch videos on big screen. The app is very easy to operate. You can see movies and TV shows in many languages, they will update each episode of your favorite TV shows immediately after telecasting. You can download videos also if you like to watch later.

Hulu is a famous live Tv streaming app many Android users download. This is not a free app. You can get it from Google play store and pay for it to watch anything. There are many plans for you to subscribe. They stream more than 50 channels. You can watch any popular show by just paying $7.99/month. There will be advertisement in this plan. But if you want commercial free plan you need to pay $11.99/month. You can record any video and watch anytime you want. Also, you can search anything you want while watching videos. Try this app for uninterrupted TV streaming service.

Do you want a free app to watch TV and movies? Pluto Tv is a free app which you can use without paying any fee. They stream over 100 channels and many popular movies. You can watch any programs from all popular channel. Only thing you need to have is a quality internet connection. They update their data base every day. So, no need to miss any favorite shows you watch.  You can check the list of channels they offer before downloading this app from Google play store.

Download direct TV to watch uninterrupted Tv streaming. You can watch live as well as recorded Tv shows you want to watch. You can also find movies here. Recording is also possible while you watch TV from this app. You need to subscribe to any plan as you wish. It will also help to watch anything you want without extra equipment. You also control anything you want using remote control with parent control and many other settings. It will work well with Android 5 and above. Check for available plans on their official site. If you have a good internet connection with faster speed Direct Tv will be the best choice.

This is one of the leading subscription service you can pick to watch Tv and movies from your mobile device. You can also stream it and watch from Television or download on your TV. This works through subscription plan. You can download the app from Google play store and subscribe to its monthly pan. They add all new episodes immediately and you can watch thousands of Tv shows and movies with a low subscription plan. The app is very user-friendly and easy to find movies and Tv shows with subtitles from many languages.

Sling TV is another app you can try through subscriptions. You can choose the plan as you want and pay for it. This app lets you watch more than 100 live channels. You can customize your plan by choosing the channel you want to watch. You can cancel the subscription any time you want without any hidden cost. There are watch any channels like sports, comedy, movies, lifestyles and many more. This app is compatible with so many devices. This is well known for its excellence service with so many users. Try it free for one month and if you like you can continue using it.

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Final words

Streaming apps are very popular nowadays. People don’t have time to watch at home. So, they use traveling time to watch their favorite shows. For that, these Android apps are very useful and will not cost as much as cable subscription charge. These are some top apps you can try to watch any Tv shows you want. Try them and explore every advantage of new technology in the television world. Keep visiting Android Apps Shop for more such posts!

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