Best Android Games Under 100 MB – 2019 Edition

Android is introducing a lot of interesting games daily. But the app size will vary from game to game. This is a great problem for someone who doesn’t have enough device space. For such users, they can’t store so many games in their device. Even though your device has extended memory that won’t be of no use as all those games only get downloaded to phone memory.

No need to worry about phone space anymore as there are games which take low storage space. If you can get those games, it will help you to download more games on your device. Here is the list of some best android apps under 100 MB 2019.

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Top Best Android Games Under 100 MB in 2019


  1. Subway Surfers

Subway Surfer is an endless running game where you can collect coins by running on a skateboard. This is a free game to download with in-app purchases to access many resources. Subway surfers is a very popular game with more than 27 million downloaders.

The game only consumes a small space of your device memory and is very perfect for someone who looks for the game under 100 MB. On the way you have to encounter a lot of danger like cops, running train and many more. Play this interesting game which won’t consume so much space of your device memory. Run through the subway and have a blast.

2. Rally Fury


Rally Racing is a simple racing game where players can participate in a car rally. Race the car and win the game to collect more coins and rewards. The game comes with excellent graphics features and players which you can upgrade using your coins. The game is completely free to download and falls under 100 MB game category. Play well to have a memorable racing experience. 

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3. Bombsquad


The bomb squad is a completely free game for Android users which comes under games which consumes less than 100 MB of space. In this game, you need to blow up your enemies by throwing bombs. They can also do the same to you. This is a survival game where you need to defeat your enemies by using your power. The game has 3 modes of play such as single player, multiplayer, free for all. Choose the mode you need and enjoy this action game.  

4. Angry Birds and Friends


Angry birds and Friends is a very popular game with a lot of followers. This is a game for all ages and many people get addicted to its interesting gameplay levels. It is a game that falls under 100 MB category and it has six various levels of gameplay. Play alone or with friends on Angry Birds weekly tournament to win exciting prices. Download this free game and play it whenever you want.

5. Perfect kick


Perfect kick is a game for sports game lovers where you can participate in a football match. Their players can easily control and participate in the game by just swiping your fingers on the screen. It is good for defense the goal or kicks the ball. The game is playing in an exceptional 3D environment. Choose your own player and country while playing the game.  The developers of this game are Gamegou Limited. Get this Android game that comes under 100 Mb game category and plays your own football match. 

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6. Chicken Boy


Chicken Boy is a very fun game from Funtomic. The game just looks like Angry Birds game. Here as a player, you play the character of a chicken father who protects you’re his kid from incoming attacks. Here you are using various fruits to attack enemies. In each level, you need to unlock fruits that can be used in each level to attack your enemies. The game is an action game which consumes less than 100 Mb storage space on your device.

7. Geometry dash Subzero


This is an adventure game which can be easily controlled. You move through a lot of faces by overcoming the obstacles. Just tap on the screen to do it at the right time. The game is designed in a 2D graphical environment with interesting features. It consists of many interesting levels and good music. It comes under 100 MB game category. You can get it from Google Play Store for free.

Final words

Now you got the list of some top Android games that fall under 100 MB category. There are many games for Android users, but the above list only has some best games for you. No need to fill your device with heavy games. Only download light apps that can save some phone space and help you spend your free time effectively.

All those games are free too. So, the benefits of using such Android games are saving money, consumes less space and entertaining you. Get any game you want without wasting time and have fun.