Best Snapchat Savers For Android 2018 (Save Snapchat Photos/Videos)

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Snapchat is getting popular among youth as an instant messaging app. It has got so many users. They share messages, photos, media files etc through Snapchat app. The app got released in 2011 and one of the best messaging apps according to the majority now. Other than sending messages there are so many additional features like emojis, filters, face swap etc. Only complaint with this app according to users is the inability to save snap history.

This app is designed such that all the snap history will get deleted after viewing it. To avoid this problem there are many apps that can act as a backup to Snapchat and save all media files to it. These apps are called Snapchat Savers. There are many apps for the same and each of them has got its own advantage and can provide extra features to your Snapchat app. These Snapchat savers can save media files from Snapchat without letting know the sender of the message. Here I am going to list some top Snapchat saver app for you to avoid confusion while picking up a suitable app. 

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Best SnapChat Saver Apps For Android 2018

1. Snapsave

This is a free app you can use with Snapchat to save all your snaps. It allows you to save any media files without informing the sender. This is not an official app from snapchat. So, it is not available to download from Google play store. You need to get it from any reliable sources. The best thing about it is you can login to Snapsave using same login information as that of Snapchat.

2. DU recorder

This is one of the best apps to record screens of your Android device. You can record your Snapchat window using this app. It comes with an in-built front facing camera, video editor, frame rate settings and many more. Once you activated recording use any apps on your device. When you want to record snaps then activate recording while you open snapchat. After recording the file, you want you can stop recording. This is one of the best way to record snaps without being caught.

3. Casper Android

Casper is also a popular snap saving app for Android users. you can download Casper APK file on your device and save any media files or snaps you want without informing the person who send it. This app also allows you to forward any snaps within your contact. Other than just saving snaps you will get so many extra features like thousands of emojis that can be added to your photos. So many extra filters also available for you other than snapchat filters. This is very easy to use and compatible with almost all version of operating systems

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4. Snapbox

This is another app that you can use to bypass snapchat messages without knowing the sender. It is an old app and many people trust it for saving their snaps. You can login to your Snapbox using snapchat account details. But when you login to snapbox make sure that you logged out from snapchat account. The app is free to use without any advertisement. No need of a rooted device to use this app and save sapstories even without opening it.

5. Snapkeep

Snapkeep is an alternative app which is so easy to use without any issues. It also works in the same way as apps like casper, snapsave etc. Use this to save snaps, forward messages to your friends and many more. The app is free to download from any external site. This is not also an authorized app from snapchat. So, while using it you need to logout from snapchat and use the same credentials to login to snapkeep app.

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6. Snapstory

Snapstory is one of the best choice for many users who want to save snap story. This records all your snap stories screen shots and save it to your phone memory. Unlike all other apps to save snaps this doesn’t ask for your login information. You can do this anonymously. Save all video recording and snapshots t your phone’s internal memory. It works well with non-rooted device also. You can get it from Google play store and it is completely safe to use too.

7. Savemysnaps

Savemysnaps also falls into this category. It will help you to save and share your snaps and for that you need to login to this account using snapchat login information. Try this app to forward any interesting snap messages to your contacts. This is also a free app you can use. It is compatible with almost all versions of Android devices.

Final words

When you use any Snapchat, savers make sure that they are safe. If Snapchat finds any problem with your account, they will suspend it. So, carefully pick apps to save your snaps. Recorders are a bit safer than other apps. They just record your Snapchat activity and saves it. Which one are you going to use?

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