Best Game Hacking Apps For Android 2018 (No Root Access)

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Playing video games and games like Candy Crush, Subway Surfer, Temple Run have become a great time passing activity for many people across the globe. However, there are many games that tend to suck the life out of you and playing them becomes a toiling activity. For instance, there are many games that are only free up to a certain extent, after which you have to buy the premium version for continuing playing. These kinds of premium games can destroy the android game controllers.  So, here are some of the top game hacking apps available in Android

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Best Android Game Hacking Apps 2018 (W/O Root Access)

1. SB Game Hacker

SB game hacker APK is very easy to install and is widely used than the other tools. The app helps you to avoid all the annoying ads when you are playing a game and will help you to bypass the license restrictions so that you can completely enjoy all the other features of a game, which are otherwise completely hidden.

2. CreeHack

If you are playing many games simultaneously in all your mobile phones, then CreeHack is the app that you need to use. Since many of the video games require the user to purchase the premium version, using CreeHack you can surpass all the limitations and enjoy all your games even though they are paid ones. In addition, the more you use CreeHack, the more you will earn coins, lives, levels, which can be redeemed for other purposes provided in CreeHack. This app works fine on all the non-rooted devices and is almost compatible with all the paid games.

3. LeoPlay card

The LeoPlay card can be touted as another great game hacker for android games as it had allowed millions of users to try a variety of games in the Google PlayStore. Much like CreeHack, this app also has an inbuilt card that can be used in the PlayStore. This app also does not require rooting to work.

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4. Game Killer

Game Killer APK is one of the best android gems that allows you to enjoy all the game features while unlocking all the premium features of a game. The app discreetly uses the memory modifying technique and hence is compatible with all the versions of any smart phone game. Though this app can hack all forms of games, modifying the paid versions of these games is strictly discouraged. Above all these, your phone must be root enabled for accessing the APK files of this app.

5. GameCIH

It is an amazing free cheat software that will help you to modify the versions of any game and gain a considerable edge. You can certainly master all the game codes of any game without accessing the codes manually. For example, you may use the app to gain more scores, coins, levels that can be used to obtain the game codes. But, this app needs android rooting to function effectively.

6. Cheat engine

It is a popular and free open source android game that is created by the developer Dark Byte. The app uses a wide variety of tricks to hack the game that you are interested in playing by scanning the internet for modifications of the concerned game. It gives a secretive edge for the user by allowing the user to modify parts of a game or the complete game. For instance, a player can apply cheat engine to change the weapons or can gain all the weapons used in Clash of Clans and so on. This app connects to all the remote processes for scanning the entire gaming application.

7. Lucky Patcher

It is an android hacker app that allows you to hack a game and remove its ads, allows you to verify the licenses of a game and modify a host of all the varieties of any particular game. It removes all the premium features of any game. Free in-app purchases for all the gaming applications available in Playstore is one of the biggest advantages of this app.

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8. WiFi kill

WifiKill APK is an app that will help you to disable the internet connection of others who are connected to the same WiFi network. It is a WiFi network controller app. It is one of the best software utilities that enables you to know the number of users who are using your same network. But, you need to root your phone before installing the APK files for WiFi kill.

9. Router KeyGen

With router KeyGen you can decrypt all the WiFi keys on your android device. It is a tool through which you can decipher the WPA/WEP keys, WiFi keys for several routers across the world. All the algorithms are generated from the public domains.

So, this list pretty much sums up the best android game hacking apps. Peruse through this list and choose the app that suits your needs.

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