Best Snapchat Savers For Android 2018 (Save Snapchat Photos/Videos)

Snapchat is getting popular among youth as an instant messaging app. It has got so many users. They share messages, photos, media files etc through Snapchat app. The app got released in 2011 and one of the best messaging apps according to the majority now. Other than sending messages there are so many additional features like emojis, filters, face swap etc. Only complaint with this app according to users is the inability to save snap history.

This app is designed such that all the snap history will get deleted after viewing it. To avoid this problem there are many apps that can act as a backup to Snapchat and save all media files to it. These apps are called Snapchat Savers. There are many apps for the same and each of them has got its own advantage and can provide extra features to your Snapchat app. These Snapchat savers can save media files from Snapchat without letting know the sender of the message. Here I am going to list some top Snapchat saver app for you to avoid confusion while picking up a suitable app. 

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Best SnapChat Saver Apps For Android 2018

1. Snapsave

This is a free app you can use with Snapchat to save all your snaps. It allows you to save any media files without informing the sender. This is not an official app from snapchat. So, it is not available to download from Google play store. You need to get it from any reliable sources. The best thing about it is you can login to Snapsave using same login information as that of Snapchat.

2. DU recorder

This is one of the best apps to record screens of your Android device. You can record your Snapchat window using this app. It comes with an in-built front facing camera, video editor, frame rate settings and many more. Once you activated recording use any apps on your device. When you want to record snaps then activate recording while you open snapchat. After recording the file, you want you can stop recording. This is one of the best way to record snaps without being caught.

3. Casper Android

Casper is also a popular snap saving app for Android users. you can download Casper APK file on your device and save any media files or snaps you want without informing the person who send it. This app also allows you to forward any snaps within your contact. Other than just saving snaps you will get so many extra features like thousands of emojis that can be added to your photos. So many extra filters also available for you other than snapchat filters. This is very easy to use and compatible with almost all version of operating systems

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4. Snapbox

This is another app that you can use to bypass snapchat messages without knowing the sender. It is an old app and many people trust it for saving their snaps. You can login to your Snapbox using snapchat account details. But when you login to snapbox make sure that you logged out from snapchat account. The app is free to use without any advertisement. No need of a rooted device to use this app and save sapstories even without opening it.

5. Snapkeep

Snapkeep is an alternative app which is so easy to use without any issues. It also works in the same way as apps like casper, snapsave etc. Use this to save snaps, forward messages to your friends and many more. The app is free to download from any external site. This is not also an authorized app from snapchat. So, while using it you need to logout from snapchat and use the same credentials to login to snapkeep app.

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6. Snapstory

Snapstory is one of the best choice for many users who want to save snap story. This records all your snap stories screen shots and save it to your phone memory. Unlike all other apps to save snaps this doesn’t ask for your login information. You can do this anonymously. Save all video recording and snapshots t your phone’s internal memory. It works well with non-rooted device also. You can get it from Google play store and it is completely safe to use too.

7. Savemysnaps

Savemysnaps also falls into this category. It will help you to save and share your snaps and for that you need to login to this account using snapchat login information. Try this app to forward any interesting snap messages to your contacts. This is also a free app you can use. It is compatible with almost all versions of Android devices.

Final words

When you use any Snapchat, savers make sure that they are safe. If Snapchat finds any problem with your account, they will suspend it. So, carefully pick apps to save your snaps. Recorders are a bit safer than other apps. They just record your Snapchat activity and saves it. Which one are you going to use?

Best Android Web Browsers 2018

Web browsers can be regarded as one of the best pieces of software. However, not all browsers provide you seamless experience when it comes to browsing the web. Here are some of the best web browsers for Android 2018 we have complied especially for you. Also check out, best free movie apps for Android

Best Web Browsers For Android 2018

Dolphin has received several awards in the past for its effective functionality as well as for its unobtrusive interface. It is a free browser available for both iOS and android. Impressive set of features such as adblocking, tabbed browsing, incognito mode, multiple tabs are included in this browser. Add-ons and features like dolphin sonar (wherein a user can use their voice to search for their necessities) are also included in the browser, which makes it as one of the best choices to install.

Similar to the desktop version, Firefox is one of the best browsers available for android phones. HTML5 support, private mode, clearing all browsing data as soon as our search session ends, Firefox sync, video and web content viewing facilities are some of the impressive list of features that this browser has. Quick sharing of links for Skype, Facebook etc. make it as one of the to-go web browsers.

Everyone knows well about chrome. Developed by Google, Chrome remains undoubtedly as the number one browser for all the android users. It is usually pre-installed on all the android devices. Built-in Google translate feature, desktop syncing, news article display, HTML5 support make the entire browsing experience delightful. It is regarded as one of the trustworthy browsers available in the Play store. Though many web browsers are offered in the Play store, Google Chrome remains as everyone’s favourite.

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Flynx by Infiken labs has certainly developed much since its inception. This browser works uniquely in a floating window, contrary to the full-screen mode that most browsers provide. The quick browsing option found in this browser ensures that your web search is completed within a fraction of few seconds. This app doesn’t disturb the other apps that are running in the background. This browser is also aided with other features such as the night mode, which is entirely different from the other Android browsers space

Brave is an open source and entirely free browser which was introduced in 2016. It is a secure android browser that is known to effectively track all the ad blockers and other tracking agents. It also removes the online spamming advertisements entirely, thus guaranteeing the privacy of the user. The app also reduces the draining data consumption, blocks all the third-party cookies while retaining all the other essential features like the bookmarks, history, private and new tabs etc. It works in a secure HTTPS experience, which will ensure that the user never gets spammed or deceived by unwanted websites.

Of course, everyone would have heard of, used and experienced Opera Mini. It is a light weight browser known for its lesser data consumption. It lets you download videos from many social media platforms without consuming your data. It is one of the light weight, free and essentially secure browser that is available for free. Data tracker, live news provision, speed dial, night mode, secure connection, cloud acceleration, data reduction and constant updating are some of the essential features that are noticed in Opera Mini.

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It is a feature rich mobile browser that is predominantly found in the Android space while it is also developed for other operating platforms like iOS, Symbian, Blackberry OS and Windows Phone. It uses both data compression and cloud acceleration technology to prevent unwanted data losses. Moreover, the cloud syncing app along with the small window mode and ad blocking functionality make it as one of the best browsers to go for. Smooth user experience combined with an intuitive interface makes it an excellent browser that is fit and handy for our usage.

CM browser developed by the developers of Clean Master is one of the widely known and widely appreciated browsers available for android platforms. The app allows you to automatically download all the contents if you suddenly turn to an offline mode. Also, other essential features include speed dial, night mode, incognito browsing, lesser data consumption, more user enhanced experience. It also automatically deletes all the data once you had closed your web browser, which means you can safely browse anything without compromising your privacy.

Puffin is another of the well-known names in the android space when it comes to browsers. Virtual trackpad, gamepad, cloud support, different colour themes, separate toolbar and sidebar are some of the extra features noticed in Puffin other than the standard ones.

Web browsers serve as your window to gain external knowledge. It also serves as the platform for most of your internet-based transactions. So, we request you to choose your browser wisely using the list provided here. Keep visiting Android Apps Shop for more such posts!

Best Video Downloaders Apps For Android 2018

Most of us depend on YouTube to watch videos. But it is not possible to download every video you want from YouTube. You can only download videos with a download link. So, what will do if you want to get a video? There are so many video downloader apps for Android users. Some of them are free apps and some other only allow premium users to download videos. These apps will help you to download videos and watch it offline. This can help you to save some data and you can watch videos from anywhere you want.

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Best Free Video Downloaders for Android 2018

This is one of the best video downloaders for Android users. This app is completely free and lets you to download the video you want from any external source. You can enter the video name in the search box and get the video you want. Download the video in just one click. You can also select the file format before downloading from Tubemate. If you want MP3 format you can do it with this app with the help of MP3 converter. The app is very user-friendly, and people mainly use it to download videos from YouTube. Also select the video quality you want for the video before downloading. Get this app and download your favorite videos.

This is a popular video downloader for Android users. It lets you to download videos safely without any problem. The app is very easy to operate.  When you open the app, you can see various video sites associated with it, popular videos and categorized videos. Search directly from the app for YouTube videos. The app allows you to download multiple files at the same time and store it to your phone’s internal memory. The app is known as one of the faster video downloader to use. You can also share videos within your social media platform directly from the app. The app is completely free to use without any interrupting advertisements. Also check out,  free TV Streaming apps for Android.


Showbox is another app which you can use to download unlimited HD videos. It is a free app without spending a single penny. No need to create an account while using this app. The app is very easy to use, and you can download any video by searching it. Select the quality of video you want before downloading.  Most videos you can find here are HD videos. There is also an in-built media player so that you can watch the video before downloading. ShowBox updates their database regularly so that you can watch all new videos from here. It is also compatible with almost all devices.

Vidmate is also a best-known video downloader apps you can try. This app is well connected with most popular video streaming platforms like YouTube, Dailymotion, Instagram, Vimeo etc. Find all categories of videos from the app and hit on download button. Get this video to your phone memory and watch it anytime you want. You can select the video quality before downloading to save some data. The app also designed with in-built media player to watch videos online also. Get this app to make your video downloading faster and easier.

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This is a popular YouTube video downloader for Android users. This is connected with all video sites such as YouTube, Instagram etc. Get videos in any format from this app by choosing it before downloading. Choose any video quality also to download and save some data. It comes with easy user interface and anyone can operate this app without any complications. This is not available to download from Google play store. So, you can get it from a reliable third-party source. The app also makes your download process fast and no need to pay for using it. Only problem with this app is that it contains so many ads. Try this excellent app to download videos from anywhere you want.

Final words

Video downloader apps are useful for your smart phone. We cannot depend on every video from YouTube to download. Getting a third-party app is very useful for your smart phone. They won’t cause any security issues to your phone. So, get the app and enjoy boundless entertainment. Keep visiting Android Apps Shop for more such posts!

Best TV Streaming Apps For Android 2018

TV Streaming Apps For Android

Android is a great platform that offers everything to users. You will get any apps from it for games, entertainment, education list will go like that. It is very useful to download apps to watch TV or free movies apps. The main advantage is that you can take it anywhere you go and watch your favorite TV shows. Google play store is a big treasure of such apps than any other platform. Some of them are free to use and some others are paid apps. We don’t get enough time to sit and watch shows on TV. These TV Streaming Apps For Android let us watch it when we get time. Here are some useful apps you can try out to get unlimited entertainment.

Best TV Streaming Apps for Android 2018

Kodi is a popular app for Android users to watch live TV, music, podcasts and videos. It is a free open-source platform for Android. With an uninterrupted internet service watch your favorite TV shows on your mobile device. It comes with a better user interface that enables any users to operate the app. You need to install another plugin to watch contents from this app. It is very simple, and you don’t have to miss a single episode if you can get this app.

This is also an excellent app with more than 2 million users. You can watch movies and TV shows for free with this app. No need to worry about the advertisement. It won’t interfere with your video as cables TVs does. You can watch movies, TV shows, anime series etc without registering your credit cards. The app is compatible with Chromecast so connect with you Tv and watch videos on big screen. The app is very easy to operate. You can see movies and TV shows in many languages, they will update each episode of your favorite TV shows immediately after telecasting. You can download videos also if you like to watch later.

Hulu is a famous live Tv streaming app many Android users download. This is not a free app. You can get it from Google play store and pay for it to watch anything. There are many plans for you to subscribe. They stream more than 50 channels. You can watch any popular show by just paying $7.99/month. There will be advertisement in this plan. But if you want commercial free plan you need to pay $11.99/month. You can record any video and watch anytime you want. Also, you can search anything you want while watching videos. Try this app for uninterrupted TV streaming service.

Do you want a free app to watch TV and movies? Pluto Tv is a free app which you can use without paying any fee. They stream over 100 channels and many popular movies. You can watch any programs from all popular channel. Only thing you need to have is a quality internet connection. They update their data base every day. So, no need to miss any favorite shows you watch.  You can check the list of channels they offer before downloading this app from Google play store.

Download direct TV to watch uninterrupted Tv streaming. You can watch live as well as recorded Tv shows you want to watch. You can also find movies here. Recording is also possible while you watch TV from this app. You need to subscribe to any plan as you wish. It will also help to watch anything you want without extra equipment. You also control anything you want using remote control with parent control and many other settings. It will work well with Android 5 and above. Check for available plans on their official site. If you have a good internet connection with faster speed Direct Tv will be the best choice.

This is one of the leading subscription service you can pick to watch Tv and movies from your mobile device. You can also stream it and watch from Television or download on your TV. This works through subscription plan. You can download the app from Google play store and subscribe to its monthly pan. They add all new episodes immediately and you can watch thousands of Tv shows and movies with a low subscription plan. The app is very user-friendly and easy to find movies and Tv shows with subtitles from many languages.

Sling TV is another app you can try through subscriptions. You can choose the plan as you want and pay for it. This app lets you watch more than 100 live channels. You can customize your plan by choosing the channel you want to watch. You can cancel the subscription any time you want without any hidden cost. There are watch any channels like sports, comedy, movies, lifestyles and many more. This app is compatible with so many devices. This is well known for its excellence service with so many users. Try it free for one month and if you like you can continue using it.

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Final words

Streaming apps are very popular nowadays. People don’t have time to watch at home. So, they use traveling time to watch their favorite shows. For that, these Android apps are very useful and will not cost as much as cable subscription charge. These are some top apps you can try to watch any Tv shows you want. Try them and explore every advantage of new technology in the television world. Keep visiting Android Apps Shop for more such posts!

Best Anime Streaming Apps For Android 2018

Anime series is a form of entertainment came from Japan. It is one of the popular form of animation to people all around the world. Even though it came from Japan this entertainment has got many fans all over the world because of its technical excellent. Like movies anime series are of various categories. You can find every genre like action thrillers, comedy, romance etc in this category too. You don’t have to think that it is only available to watch on TV.

You can now watch your favorite anime series on your mobile device and take it wherever you go. There are many excellent Best Anime Streaming apps For Android 2018 available with this feature. Some of them are free apps and some other are premium. Check out some top apps where you can watch anime series. 

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Best Anime Streaming Apps for Android 2018

This is one of the best and legal Android apps from Netflix. You can use it for free if you can watch with Ads. It offers extensive selection of anime series for you to watch. Also, free versions cannot promise so many titles. If you can pay $6.95/month then you can enjoy unlimited anime series in HD quality without a single ad. This is the best app for Android users to try because they offer 14-day free trial period also. if they don’t like you can cancel the subscription.

Watch your favorite anime series through funimation. This is a very popular app that lets you watch any anime series without advertisement. When you watch anime series anywhere else you need to watch it with subtitles. But this app allows you to watch dubbed anime series in English. This app offers you paid as well as free services for you. But in free service there are only limited titles available for you to watch. Paid service starts from $5.99/month. The app is now available only in limited areas like US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc.

This is a free app you can download to watch anime series. It allows you to watch any anime series without registering your card or paying money. You only need a good quality internet or Wi-Fi connection to watch your favorite anime series. All genre of anime series is available to watch on Tubi Tv app or else you can download it and watch offline. They added anime series to their category recently and are updating their database every week, you can check every week and see new titles in your app. The app is compatible with all types of devices.    

This is another free app for watching anime series. The app is very easy to use with ads in between videos. You can check the catalogue to see their extensive list of anime series. You can watch any anime series you want in English and the app is designed to be compatible with many devices. You can see anime series from every category and watch it whenever you want after downloading the app. you can download this app from Google play store. Also, no need to create an account to watch videos from this app.

This is a freemium app you can download to watch anime series on your Android device. You can find more than 6000 anime series to watch within the app. It supports almost all devices like Android, IOS, PC and many more. You can also download anime series you want and save it to watch them later. Try this app’s free version but the titles will be limited. Its paid plan starts from $4.99/month.  Paid version lets you watch any number of anime series you want without disturbing ads. The app was launched in 2003 and contains list of anime list from old to new movies in HD quality.

Final words

There are so many anime fans and they will be happy to know more about these apps they can use. By downloading these apps, you can take entertainment anywhere you go. With fast internet or Wi-Fi connection, you can watch your favorite show without any disruption. If you haven’t watched any anime series try it now. It will give you a new entertainment experience. Keep visiting Android Apps Shop for more such posts!

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